Best Air Pump for Towables

8 Best Air Pump for Towables – Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

Driving towable has been an excellent way to have fun at the lake or river-side on the summer days. What makes the towable tubes great is that you can easily transport and store them after being deflated.

However, aerating them can be an entirely unpleasant task if you don’t have the right equipment for inflation. Owning a good water tube air pump can save you from this struggle.

Since there are multiple options in the present marketplace, we don’t want you to have a challenging time choosing the right one.

In this guide, we’ve enlightened you about the finest options available for the best air pump for towables. Go through the entire article to choose the right item for you.

What To Look For Before Buying the Right Air Pump?

Overinflating can cause your towable to rip due to over-pulling the tube ropes. Here we’ve mentioned what you need to evaluate while buying an air pump for the towable tube.

Types of Pump

Generally, the air pump is available in electric and manual mode. While an electrical pump is easy to handle and gives you a fast job, a manual pump is relatively cheaper than the previous one. Pick one that matches your needs.


If you have several inflatable items, it would be best to purchase one with broad compatibility.

In this way, you can save money, time, and energy. Most air pumps come with several adapters to inflate from small to large inflatable products. It’s better to go for those pumps.

Some will be suitable for kayaks, dinghies, inflatable fishing boats, swimming rings, and others. A few can be used to inflate basketball, volleyball, or anything like that.


As an air pump may need to be carried to the beach, lake, camp, river-side, and most other places, it would be better to purchase a portable and lightweight air pump. So, you can carry them easily and use them when one of your items gets deflated.

Most air pumps come with a carrying handle for added convenience. On the other side, many have long-sized hoses for more accessible transportation.

Cord Length

Before purchasing an air pump, you need to take into consideration this matter. Also, what is your primary application ultimately defines your desired length. So, try to choose one based on your requirements.

Liters Per Minute

It indicates how much air is filled within a minute. The higher the value of liters per minute, the quicker it can perform the work. If you’re one of those guys who doesn’t like waiting around, it’s better to go for high liters per minute.


As you’re going to invest money in an air pump, it should be a sensible choice to purchase an air pump that can both inflate and deflate. When it’s needed, you can blow up your items. Once the work is done, letting the air out can help you store these conveniently.

Top 8 Best Air Pump For Towables Review

Below you’ll get detailed information about our top 8 air pumps for inflatables. Each product on our list effectively performs the inflation process.

1.  AGPtEK Electric Air Pump

If you need something fast, practical that doesn’t let you wait while you need to inflate your things, AGPtEK Electric Air Pumps should be your thing.

Not only does it quickly fill up the inflatable boats with air, but it also helps to get the air out.

You can also inflate your air sofa, water floating bed, cotton bed, airboat, swimming ring, and other inflatable products with this great air pump.

From a small bounce house to a large-sized tent, you can inflate or deflate anything thanks to its three types of nozzles.

When it comes to aerating the items, you need to set the inflatable head at the point of filling the hold. And then push the switch on.

You should set up the head of inflatable items in the vent hole and press the button to deflate. The entire operation is so simple.

Whether you want to use it indoors or outdoors, this 12V towable air pump includes a car power adapter and home power adapter to let you have fun at any place. In a nutshell, this air pump is portable, easily usable, fast, and versatile.


  • Require simple maintenance
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Allow completing the task in a short time
  • Three sizes nozzles for multiple applications


  • The length of the power cord is not enough long
  • Not works for high-pressure products

2. Intex Quick-Fill Air Pump Series

Who doesn’t love to spend some pleasant time on the water with an inflatable boat? To take this fun to the next level, you’ll need a correct air pump that provides a quick inflation process as well as portability.

Such an example is the Intex Quick-Fill Air Pump. This towable air pump will best suit your needs if you love traveling or camping.

This pump comes with a 12V power source like cigarette lighter plug and 120V DC plug, which allow you to perform a wide array of indoor and outdoor tasks.

The included intertwining nozzles make this air pump compatible with several inflatable items. And you’ll get a maximum of 480 liters per minute of airflow to execute your job quickly.

With the help of a single switch, this air pump for towable tubes is pretty simple to use. We loved how this best 12v air pump for towable quickly inflates air mattresses, pool float, air sofa, and other products.


  • Three interconnecting nozzles for enhanced versatility
  • Compact and ultraportable
  • Quick and hassle-free inflation and deflation
  • No annoying noise during operation


  • Sometimes it fails to inflate large items perfectly

3. ONG NAMO Electric Air Pump

To give you the best convenience, the ONG NAMO Electric Air Pump is here to offer you higher inflating efficiency than any other manual pump.

With this device, you no longer have to wait for inflation and deflation. Moreover, it supports two powers for home use and outdoors.

Thanks to its lightweight and compact design, you can carry this portable air pump to the beach, pool, camp, and wherever you want.

But it would be helpful if you’ll note that these machines are not applicable for high-pressure products. The pump is two in one nature, which means you can utilize it for inflation and deflation.

Another notable feature is its three types of nozzles. A small size nozzle can be used to inflate small inflatables, where a medium size is made to aerate items like small beds, home pools, etc.

You’ll also get a large nozzle to inflate air mattresses and massive inflatables. In a word, this one is a pretty good choice if you want something for regular uses.


  • Lightweight and portable air pump for towable
  • Two charge adapters
  • Three nozzle design for multiple operations
  • Time-saving and powerful pump


  •  It takes a bit of time to complete the task

4. Airhead AHP-120 Kwik Tek Air Pump

For those who need something robust, the Airhead Air Pump is your thing. You’ll be fascinated by its high-grade quality construction. This one is reliable to use, and you’ll get excellent performance while inflating larger boats.

From kids to adults, this air pump for towable tubes is an incredible source of fun. This 120-volt air pump for inflatables features accordion-design hose locks on the valve settings of the pump, which eliminates unwanted disconnections.

This pump also comes in a universal valve fittings nature. As an added advantage, it includes a carry handle for easy maintenance.

And the power cord is 10 ft. long so that you can pull a lot farther. Thanks to its three types of valve adapters, you can inflate from small to large items.


  • Carrying handle for easy operation
  • Made using high-grade materials
  • Long power cord for your convenience
  • Versatile action hand pump


  • The fittings of nozzles can be a bit problematic

5. Tidal Wake Air Pump for Inflatables

If you love to bring fun to your leisure time by enjoying the watersports like riding towable tubes, you may need a reliable air pump that can inflate in a hassle-free way.

An excellent example of this type of air pump is the Tidal Wake Air Pump for Inflatables.

This pump is faster than any other electrical pump thanks to its 12V DC power and 35+CMF. Just within 1 minute, this air pump is ready to float on the water.

And the most fantastic part is its multi-purpose application. You can use this pump on towables, air beds, water toys, air mattresses, and others. Due to its lightweight design, you can travel from home to the beach to camp and anywhere.

It comes with three universal valve settings, allowing you to attach those with several inflatables. All you have to do is put the nozzle on the inflatable head, activate the switch, and you’re ready to play with the water.


  • 10-foot long power cord
  • It takes only a minute to complete the task
  • More potent than conventional pumps
  • Universal valve design


  • It tends to make a weird sound

6. Airhead Hi Pressure Air Pump

Whether you’re enjoying the day on the beach, lake, pool, or rivers, the inflatable boats can take relaxation to the next level if you want to double this fun with a convenient process; getting the best air pump for towable tubes a must.

The Airhead hi pressure Air Pump 12v can be a great choice as it performs inflation and deflation with unprecedented power.

This pressure gauge comes with seven universal adapters, which lets you use it on towables, boats, kayaks, pool toys, and other inflatables.

What makes this product different from the others is its pressure release valve. It helps you to prevent over-inflation and even under-inflation.

With the help of accordion hose locks, it alleviates irritating disconnections. Besides, this portable air pump for towable includes a carry handle to help you with maintenance. The power cord size is ten feet, allowing you to drag it as much as you want.


  • Incorporates pressure release valve
  • Four universal valve fittings for several tasks
  • It is a high-speed air pump
  • Carry handle for increased convenience


  • The construction quality needs improvement

7. Etekcity Electric Air Pump

The Etekcity electric air pumps are an excellent example of price and performance. With quick-fill and high-pressure, you’ll get effective performance than most other conventional air pumps on the market.

The universal interlocking nozzles are made to fit most of the inflatable products. The product is convenient to carry, and even kids can hold it easily.

Unlike other cheap air pumps that produce weird sounds, the Etekcity Electric Air Pump offers a sound-free operation thanks to advanced wheel design and a high-grade metal impeller.

What people love the most is its easy and time-saving operation. If you’re looking for something long-lasting, this is indeed a perfect choice to make.


  • Produces no annoying sound
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • The performance is more than satisfactory
  • Lightweight and portable
  • A type-c cable is included


  •  Gets overheated after some time of working

8. WOW World Air Pumps for Inflatables

This unit from WOW World Air Pumps is perfect for large, regular inflatable products. You can take it to islands, pools, beaches, and other places since it come with an incredibly lightweight design.

Whether you want to inflate the products or to suck the air out, this thing is always ready to perform all jobs. This high-pressure pump blows up more effectively than any other pump, thanks to its 680W, 120V power.


  • The operation time is short
  • It has a 12 ft long power cord
  • Suitable for large inflatables
  • Highly effective


  • Not a long-lasting item

Comparison Chart of Top 5 Air Pump for Towables

ProductSize (inches)Weight (pounds)ColorMaterialPower (W)VoltageMaximum Pressure
AGPtEK Electric Air Pump13.66 x 11.5 x 6.36.76BlackPlastic4012V DC 110V AC0.5PSI
Intex Quick-Fill Air Pump Series5.4 x 5 x 5.42.12BlackCarinessa_12V DC 120V AC480 L/min
ONG NAMO Electric Air Pump10.35 x 7.2 x 5.751.1BlackPlastic5012V DC 110V AC0.4 PSI
Airhead AHP-120 Kwik Tek Air Pump8 x 8 x 61Yellow/ BlackPlastic170120V0.92 PSI
Tidal Wake Air Pump for Inflatables5 x 5 x 40.92BluePlastic_12V DC1,000      L/min

How to Inflate a Towable Tube?

To avoid under-inflating or over-inflating, you should know how to inflate a towable tube perfectly.

Step 1: Shake the Tube

Take the valve out and shake this one or two times to ensure that the bladder is appropriately lined up inside the towable cover.

Step 2: Place the Valve

After that, put the speed valve into a suitable position on the towable tube. Here you know, there are three or four size attachments that you’ll get with your air pump. The main tactic is here, as you need to choose a proper nozzle to inflate your item.

Step 3: Press the Pump Switch

It will start to inflate the towable tube. The pump approximately takes five to ten minutes to complete the task.

Step 4: Test the Firmness

After inflation, you need to test the firmness of the towable tube. As you’ll float it on cold water, there is a possible chance that the towable will contract. You can stand up on the inflated tube to test the firmness, and it should depress a little.

We hope you can now enjoy your new watersport!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the different types of air pumps for towables?

You can find these pumps either in a manual or electric option. Using an electric air pump is the best option, but you can have a manual pump as an alternative.

When it comes to price, an electric pump is way more pricey than a manual pump. On the other hand, you need no additional helper while using an electrical pump, which you may need if you use a manual pump.

2. Can I use a tire pump to inflate a pool?

Some models of air pumps come with a special adapter, which can be used to inflate a pool air bed, air sofa, and other inflatable items. All you need to do is to attach the adapter to the tire valve, insert the other side to the pool tube, and start to pump it.

3. Are air pumps for towables easy to use?

Before buying an air pump, you must ensure that it doesn’t need extra maintenance and is easy to operate.

You should notice some other factors like having all nozzles, universal fitting, tight connection, and most significantly, the size of the hose.

4. Can I use electric air pumps to inflate the kayak?

Yes, an electric air pump can be used to blow up the kayak. Only you need a suitable attachment to inflate it. In this case, a great power source can make the job so easy.

Final Words

Since no one wants to wait for hours to inflate a towable tube, it must be wise to invest money in suitable equipment. Choosing the best item among a plethora of options is undoubtedly a challenging task.

So, here we’ve come up with our carefully curated list of the best air pump for towables to help you make a quick and confident decision. Hopefully, we were of help.

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