Best Pots for Lemon Trees

8 Best Pots for Lemon Trees in 2021- Reviews and Buying Guide

When our readers wanted to find the best pots for lemon trees, we couldn’t say ‘no.’ Lots of emails totally had our attention so that we can get them the perfect lemon tree pots.

While typical lemon tree pots lack a lot of high-end features, we wanted to go for something that’s UV-resistant,  BPA-free,  durable, 100% reusable, lightweight, and most importantly, affordable.

At first, it seemed to us that maybe we wouldn’t be able to make it. Thanks to some of our team members, they knew about gardening. With their help, we’ve handpicked 8 pots for lemon trees.

So, you guys wanted the reviews, and here we are.

8 Best Pots for Lemon Trees Review

We’ll start off with a concise yet thorough review of the eight pots that we think are the best on the market. Here, you’ll get to know about what these products are best for and also the limitations.

1. HBServices USA 6″ Deep Reservoir Round Planter Pot

If you’re looking for a basic pot for lemon trees and you’re just getting started with gardening, then this one by HBServices will be a perfect choice.

Here, you get a bright blue pot that is about 6 inches in diameter and holds up about 1.6 quarts of soil. But don’t fill it with potting soil to the brim as that would hinder the plant’s ventilation.

A feature of this pot that truly stands out is the self-watering and self-aerating quality. You don’t have to worry whether the roots are getting watered or not. The hollow legs of the pot make sure that the roots stay submerged at all times.

As these have built-in slats, the upper pot holding the soil and plant will extract extra moisture easily. Any excess will flood the tank, and water will flow through the reservoir’s roof.


  • Built with UV stabilized polypropylene plastic which proves to be less harmful to your plant
  • 100% BPA-free, thus ensuring your lemon tree is free of toxins
  • A simple, clean, and modern look that adds in that extra detail to your decor
  • Versatile, thus works well both indoors and outdoors
  • The easy clip-on watering attachment will keep your plant well-hydrated at all times


  • Quality is a bit flimsy and might not be as durable


A well-rounded pot that can be used in any setting. Albeit a bit weak, it can be perfect for your lemon tree.

2. Smart Pots 45-Gallon Soft-Sided Smart Pot

For tech enthusiasts and environment-friendly product hoarders, we have the Fabric Planter from Smart Pots.

This planter comes in a weed-preventer cloth, where it is sewn together to retain the pot shape. You can put in about 45-Gallons of soil on this product since the air pruning allows you to grow bigger plants.

The most distinctive feature about this smart pot for lemon trees is that it changes the humidity level inside according to the temperature outside. So, the equal distribution of moisture throughout the soil stimulates beneficial bacteria and quickens the production of fruit.

You can grow your plants like a professional as the brand made them for commercial purposes primarily. Smart Pots are UV-resistant and rigid enough to not crack or split.


  • Highly durable in all seasons and will therefore last you for a pretty long time
  • Responds smartly according to weather so that you do not need to worry about watering your plant too much or too little
  • 100% reusable, which is sure to save you from spending extra cash
  • No need for frequent watering, thus letting you utilize your time better
  • Solid construction guarantees a longer shelf-life and more reliability


  • Hard to move around as it lacks handles


This is a reusable and ergonomic product that allows you to take care of other chores as well, instead of worrying about your plant.

3. Novelty Full Depth 14-inch Cylinder Pot

Those in favor of a minimal and monochrome look when it comes to gardening pots for lemon trees should definitely check this product by Novelty Store.

For this planter lemon tree pot, you get the size 14 inches that hold up an adequate amount of soil. There are also a few variations to this, and it has a dual-color option. Also, the plastic body is pretty sturdy and will last you a few years.

An exclusive feature of this pot is that you get a built-in non-detachable tray on it for water-damage protection. So, even if you overwater your citrus plants, the saucers will catch up and provide enough room for evaporation.

Whether you want an actual planter pot or just a jar for decoration, this solid color pot will give you all. You can overwater your plants and keep them under hours of sunlight without worrying a bit. That’s how good it is!


  • Elegant and glossy finish makes it suitable for indoor use too
  • Pretty lightweight and not a hassle to move around
  • Planting space is quite deep, so lemon trees with long roots can be placed in it
  • UV and froth-resistant plastic build protects your plantlings from the danger of overexposure


  • The plastic body might be a bit fragile, so it can be prone to breakage


A plant pot that is easy-to-use and tends to your plant in the background. The water-control system makes it a very reliable match for your potted lemon tree.

4. LA JOLIE MUSE 26 Inch, Flower Pot Pack of 2

Worried about your living room or balcony looking not so stylish because of bulky plants? Then check out this elegant pot by La Jolie.

You get a pack of 2 flower pots which is honestly an outstanding deal given its price. Now coming to the size, the 26 inches is ample for any kind of trees, but you can also get the 20 inches one.

The natural stone and plastic blend makes the pot’s body withstand any kind of weather condition. So, you can easily use it both outside and inside your house without worrying about color peel-off.

Plus, the drainage system is also excellent, but you might need a saucer for indoor use as the manufacturers don’t include one.

Consider getting this sleek flower pot where you can grow your healthy lemon trees without putting in too much of an effort.


  • Gives off a luxurious look that prevents it from standing out too much when indoors
  • Fully recyclable, so ideal for the plant itself, and the environment it is in
  • Deep space for lemon trees helps in stimulating plant growth even underground
  • Hoisted drainage system for ventilation maintains a steady flow of air around your plant


  • You might have to spend some extra bucks for a plate to place under the pot since it doesn’t come with one


From a great drainage system to allow the roots of your lemon plant to breathe, this pot has it all.

5. Sunnydaze Courtyard Barrel Planter Pot

Do you want that classic rustic look when it comes to planting your lemon trees and gardening? Then, we have just the right product for you from the renowned brand Sunnydaze.

This hefty-looking planter comes in 15 inches and as a set of 2. Rocking a sturdy construction from fiber clay and composite, this planter pot is built to last.

Durability is one of the most vital features of this flower pot. But that doesn’t make the maintenance any problematic. Given the price, you get a good value as it’s a pack of two and has a sturdy build.

You can use these indoors, but you might need a saucer to protect the floors from water leakage through the drainage holes.

Get this pack of flower pots today if you need a statement piece on your backyard garden that doesn’t compromise the life of your trees at all.


  • Easy to maintain and won’t take up much of your time either
  • Facilitates most kinds of plant, which truly shows their versatility
  • Great space for large trees so that the roots can remain unperturbed in the soil
  • Chic and neutral grey color gives your room an added look of elegance


  • Not very portable since it is quite heavy


Made from fiber clay and composite, this product is a great first choice for your plants, especially if they have broader roots like lemon trees.

6. Suncast Seneca 16″ Ombre Resin Garden Planter

We now present to you one of the best pots for lemon trees that is also easy to carry around if you need to.

This is another sophisticated yet easy-to-fill planter pot that comes in an ultramodern ombre color scheme. The blue-black situation will go on nicely with whatever plant you decide to pot in.

Measuring up about 16 inches, you can easily fit in any leafy or flower plant. With that being said, it will be a no-brainer to use this product for lemon trees.

Seneca planter is made from blow-molded resin that ensures the sturdy and rigid construction of the pot. The great thing about that is it can hold up water more than ceramic pots. So, you can take a break from frequent watering of the plants.

Portability is a unique feature of this pot, and you can put this beautiful jar inside or outside your house without worrying about any extra weight other than the plants.


  • Amazing quality plastic that is highly durable and will last you a lifetime
  • Just the right size for potted plants, so there will be no overflowing of water
  • No color fading, so you can rest assured that your pot will always be in top condition
  • Rust-resistant and will not require extra attention
  • Very lightweight, which makes it highly portable as well


  • Doesn’t come with pre-drilled drainage holes, so you might have to regulate the amount of water you pour into it


Though it requires a bit of attention due to the lack of a proper drainage system, this pot will surely hold your lemon tree in a snug fit.

7. Bloem Fiskars 16 Inch Self-Watering Pot

This lemon tree pot comes in a 16-inch size and is jet black in color. You can also opt for the pack of two or the matte black option if looks are more important.

The Ariana collection by Bloem Fiskars is known for its self-watering feature. Here, the potting mix stays above the waterline because of the sturdy screen that this pot comes with. There are also air pockets that keep the plants healthy even when the soil is watered too much.

As the pot is pretty wide and just the right size in length, you can go on vacations and keep your busy schedules intact without worrying about the plants.


  • Only weighs about 1.6 pounds, which makes it pretty easy to carry around
  • A sturdy and well-made body ensures the product will last you longer
  • Scratch, dirt, and fingerprint resistance will prevent the item from staining
  • UV-stabilized plastic prevents toxin emission


  • Does not come with drainage holes, so you have to drill those yourself


Not only is this portable plant pot easy to transfer, but it will also keep toxins from reaching your lemon tree. Unfortunately, it does not come with a good drainage system, which seems to hinder its functionality to some extent.

8. SAROSORA Self Watering 12.5” Planter Pot

Lastly, we have our top choice for the best pots for Meyer lemon tree that lets you plant any tall tree.

This 12.5” self-watering planter by Sarosora comes in white color. Even though it is prone to becoming dirty pretty often, it sure does look nice indoors.

The building of this pot is what makes all our claims turn true. You get two layers on this thing that no pot on our list had so far.

You can use them either separately or together, depending on your need. As the inner part is slightly shorter, the roots intake water through the cotton rope at the bottom.

Even though you can fit in larger plants on this pot, you can also put it inside your room or office space. The transparent bottom window will help you keep track of water so that it does not overflow.


  • Clean and simple build lets you place it wherever you wish to
  • Great for a potted lemon tree due to its relatively larger depth
  • A water-level tracking system keeps you updated on the water content of the soil
  • Offers a deep reservoir at the bottom, which will provide your plant with water even long after you’ve watered it


  • The inner layer of the pot may not prove to be large enough to fit plants with bigger roots and will therefore have to be used separately


If only the outer layer is used, this might as well be the perfect pot for your lemon tree since it meets every other requirement.

Comparison Table:

ProductDrainage HolesSelf-watering/Self-aeratedRecyclableSturdy-Build
1. Smart Pots 45-Gallon Soft-Sided Smart PotNo
2. HBServices USA 6″ Deep Reservoir Round Planter PotNo
3. LA JOLIE MUSE 26 Inch, Flower Pot Pack of 2NoNo
4. Suncast Seneca 16″ Ombre Resin Garden PlanterNoNo
5. SAROSORA Self Watering 12.5” Planter PotNo

What Size Pot for Citrus or Lemon Trees?

For citruses, pot size plays a vital role in tree growth and food production. Therefore, the size of the pot should be appropriate for the type of growth that your plants or trees would experience.

Low plant growth has been linked to root growth restriction. Additional activity on the roots can cause root surface damage, serving as a gateway for microbes that cause plant diseases and death.

Remember: if enough air comes in contact with your citrus plants, harmful bacteria, and other microorganisms will not be able to flourish. Instead, good bacteria and species that thrive off of symbiosis will be attracted to your lemon tree, and as a result, the health of your plant will also improve significantly.

It is best to always get a size that is larger than your lemon tree to prevent the roots from rotting. At the same time, your lemon tree will also prosper if you place it somewhere it can breathe enough.

A 15-gallon pot is ideal for young citrus trees because it is large enough for them but not too heavy to move, and one person can move it around. We also believe that a gradual and staged rise in pot size is the best solution. You can expect fruit production to be maximum like this.

Things to Consider Before Choosing the Right Pot for Lemon Trees

Now that you know which type of pots are the best, you need to know the key factors that you must consider before you choose the right one for your lemon trees.

1. Type of Container

We can say that there are three main types of containers available – porous, non-porous, and semi-porous. You can grow citrus in any of these, but there are drawbacks and advantages to all of them.

For example, porous pots specially made of clay do not hold water that much, and can even break.

This is why they aren’t the best choice for lemon trees. However, such containers can accommodate drier plants more easily.

On the other hand, non-porous containers are usually more durable, but they have a faulty drainage system.

Lastly, semi-porous pots (typically made of wood), provide adequate drainage but can be prone to rotting with excess moisture absorption.

2. Material of Container

According to the materials of the containers, we divided the types of them. Some of them include plastic, metal, fiberglass glazed ceramic. Others are incorporated with clay, unglazed ceramic, resin, terracotta, wood, and/or fabric.

Resin incorporated and metal-made containers seem better than the rest to us, simply because they can hold up more moisture than others. Also, these two types of materials barely break.

3. Size of the Container

The size of the container should be appropriate for the type of growth that your plants would undergo. You could say container size has a significant impact on growth and tree care by limiting root growth.

In short, the container size can either stunt plant growth, or allow the branches to grow unhindered.

We suggest a 15-gallon pot for young trees, as the size allows free growth. You can move on getting a larger, 25-gallon pot when your lemon tree outgrows its current container.

4. Drainage System

The drainage of the pot is also essential for the growth of the citrus tree. Water buildup in the pot will cause root rot in your growing plants, so make sure there’s enough of it.

Unfortunately, some highlight pots can be devoid of holes. This can be mitigated by double-potting your trees, but it might not be a possibility unless your citrus tree is small-sized.

5. Color of the Container

The color affects the plant’s wellbeing. Since darker pots absorb more heat than lighter ones, soil temperatures will increase sharply in the summer.

On the other hand, dark-colored containers can aid your lemon trees during the colder months when temperatures fall below the ideal value.

6. Weight of the Container

Since plastic pots are lightweight, moving your citrus trees around to shield them from adverse climatic conditions is much simpler.

Pot weight is also essential for citrus trees that begin to produce fruit. With high wind speeds, your citrus trees can topple over if the pot weight is too light.

For example, the new fabric pots being made are both cheap and light. Some of them come with handles and in a variety of colors. The mesh allows adequate drainage from the bottom and sides despite the lack of drainage holes.

7. Common Problems with Growing Lemon Trees in Containers

Growing a lemon tree in a pot is a demanding task, regardless of how often you look for it. Let’s have a look at the common issues that container-grown lemons tend to have.

8. Pollination

Indoor lemon trees are in dire need of pollination assistance. When the flowers bloom, you can either move the tree outside and let the bees do their work or pollinate the flowers yourself.

9. Weather Protection

At temperatures below 25 degrees Celsius, lemon trees in containers are severely harmed. When freezing weather hits, secure the tree with two layers of security: a blanket and then a sheet of plastic.

10. Pests

You can try using insecticidal soap to protect the trees from mites, mealy bugs, scale insects, and aphids.

11. Container Sizing

Lemon trees require repotting every 4-5 years. When repotting, use one that is around 25% bigger than the original one. They should be filled until they weigh 15 to 20 gallons. Even when the tree is the size you want it to be, you’ll need to repot it regularly to replace the old soil and trim the roots.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What pots are best for citrus trees?

Answer: We recommend getting 15-inch sizes for potting in lemon trees and also ones that are made of fabrics. The Smart Pot can be a great way to start your lemon plant journey.

2. Are coffee grounds good for a lemon tree?

Answer: Yes, to some extent, coffee grounds are great for any kind of tree. Coffee grounds are highly enriched with magnesium, nitrogen, and phosphorus that benefit a plant’s health. They also increase the pH level of soil’s which is essential for citrus trees.

3. How often should lemon trees be watered?

Answer: You should water your lemon trees weekly but leave them out if rainfall occurs. Also, make sure the drainage system is excellent because it is actually one of the key factors.

4. How much sun does a lemon tree need?

Answer: At least eight hours of sun is what most planters recommend for lemon trees each day. But don’t keep it for less than six hours. We also recommend keeping your tree in a south-faced direction for faster fruit production.

5. Can pots stunt growth in lemon trees?

Answer: Nope, this is a myth. If anything, lemon trees can grow as large as 10 feet tall in good pots.

Final Words

Starting from the type of citrus, the weather condition, drainage system, and the type of pot, all this actually matters if you want vitamin-C enriched fruits. No matter which of the best pots for lemon trees you choose from our list, you must repot your plant every 4-5 years.

And we can’t explain the importance of tree care enough alongside proper sun exposure!

So, figure out which type of lemon you want to plant and which pot seems the most promising to you. Happy gardening!

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