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10 Best Rappelling Rope – Reviews and Buying Guide in 2021

Rappelling ropes are awesome, only when you get the best rappelling rope, though. You can’t risk your life bringing a low-end one that’s not strong enough.

The only major problem a bad-quality rappelling rope has is it can’t handle a lot of weight. Plus, it should help you in descending perfectly, and the typical ones don’t meet the mark.

Anyways, we’re here with some of the coolest rappelling ropes that will make sure you don’t get to feel any discomfort when it comes to rappelling. High-end aesthetic, durability, strength, you name it, you can get everything you need.

Read the reviews to know better.

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The 10 Best Best Rope For Rappelling Reviews

Rappelling ropes come dime a dozen. And when you don’t know which one to buy, choosing the right one can be an uphill battle. See what we did there? Well, anyway, that’s why we have rounded up the top 10 ropes for you to choose from. Let’s get on with the review then.

1. OmniProGear OPG ATAR Static Rope

OmniProGear is a very reputed brand when it comes to rappelling ropes. Their products are durable and get the job done and then more some. This OPG ATAR Static Rope is no different. So, what makes it so good?

Well, first up, you have the build quality. It’s strong and will not break under pressure. The breaking strength of this is 7500 lbs. That’s quite a strong rope if you ask us.

The length and width are also perfect. Some manufacturers sometimes mislabel their ropes. This is exactly an 11 mm rope. Not one millimeter narrower or thicker. This will also impact its strength in harsh conditions.

To prove how reliable this rope is, you will be happy to know it’s also UL life safety certified. With all the strength and quality certifications, this rope basically can walk the talk when it comes to strength and quality.

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect length and diameter that will work with the right device seamlessly
  • A very strong rope that will hold its own in the toughest of conditions
  • Certifications also add to the reliability of the rope and prove it’s tested
  • Good elongation numbers mean you don’t need to worry

2. Aoneky 10 mm Rock Climbing

You will find a lot of climbing ropes in the market. But not many can match the quality and durability of this one from Aoneky.

This climbing rope is made from polyester, which is one of the secrets behind its strength and durability.

You don’t need to worry about it rotting and tearing anytime soon. So, if you don’t happen to use the rope for some time, just make sure to keep it in a safe place, and it should be fine.

When you’re using the rope for climbing, though, you can trust it will hold your weight. That’s because the load-bearing capacity can reach a whopping 2000 lbs. Honestly, this rope isn’t just for climbing either.

You can do a lot of outdoor activities like boating, fishing, camping, and hiking. If you have any engineering projects that require a strong and durable rope, this will also work. That’s some impressive versatility right there.

Those who like a little splash of color in their gear will be happy to know this one comes in multiple colors as well. Choose from a total of four different colors with multiple shades of each. There is the classic black, red, blue and yellow.

You can also pick the right length according to your needs. You have the option of getting either 32 feet, 49 feet, 65 feet, or 98 feet one.

Highlighted Features

  • Very durable, which makes it perfect for all sorts of outdoor activities
  • One of the best ropes for climbing with some added versatility
  • You can choose from different colors and lengths if you’re into style
  • Can be rolled up for easier storage

3. X XBEN Outdoor Rope

If you have only experienced cheap rappelling ropes and want to finally get your hands on a quality rope, this is a good place to start. X XBEN may just have made the best rope for rappelling you can buy right now.

The durability and features are all top-notch on this one. One of the first things you will notice with this one is that the outer skin has less slide. In fact, it’s actually less than 0.05. This ensures easier braking and smooth operation.

Core count is another factor that makes a rappelling rope strong. This one just happens to have 13 of them. Coupled with the twisted outer skin, you essentially have one very piece of rope that should be suitable for all different kinds of tasks.

Just like the previous one, you can also use this for hiking, climbing, camping, and more. This is a safe rope too. It’s a low ductility rope that can mitigate the risks of rope elongation.

Plus, this is an 8 mm, and both ends have hooks, so you don’t have to be mindful of which end you pick up. With a weight limit of 300 kgs, you can easily rely on this rope as a trusty tool in your arsenal.

You will like the different color choices here too. Although there aren’t as many options as the Aoneky rope, you still get three colors. Choose from either a stealthy black, a premium blue, and a very vibrant orange. The orange one is quite nice.

Highlighted Features

  • 13 core rope and durable materials give it strength
  • A high max weight capacity makes it a very reliable rope
  • Versatile rope, so you can use it in different applications
  • The color options allow you to add a hint of character to your gear

4. Rope Spot UIAA Static Rope

We love a good underdog story around here. And Rope Spot happens to be one of those brands that not many have heard of. But once they try their product, they become lifelong fans. Take this one, for example, and it checks all the boxes of a good quality rope by all standards.

The diameter isn’t quite 11 mm on this one, though. It’s a 10.5 mm diameter rope, but we didn’t feel like that was an issue. The grip you get and the hand feel of the rope are fantastic. In simple words, this rope instills confidence when you use it.

With a very smooth grip and long length, it’s perfect for all kinds of scenarios and adventures. The strength comes from the unique rope core that goes through a special treatment during production to give you unmatched durability.

That strength is further solidified by its maximum weight specification. Just like many high-end ropes in this list, this one can also hold a max weight of 2000 kgs. Despite being this strong, it isn’t an obnoxiously heavy rope either.

If you’re still on the fence about the quality, we have just the thing that will convince you. Well, rather, Rope Spot has just the thing – this rope is CE & UIAA certified.

That’s all the proof one would need, basically. So, go out and get on with all the adventures knowing you have a rope that can carry you through all the hurdles and tricky situations. And yes, you can get this in two colors. There is a black one and an orange one.

Highlighted Features

  • Certified for its strength and durability, so you can get peace of mind
  • The special treatment process makes it very strong and is safe to use in different scenarios
  • Color options are good to have if you want some variety
  • Smooth grip and provides ample control putting you in total control


With a brand name like POWER GUIDANCE, you would expect only the best of the best. Fortunately, this time around, the brand name lives up to its apparent promises. This rope is strong, durable, and surprisingly lightweight.

Let’s get the colors out of the way first. There are two options available, a blue one and an orange one. No black this time. But we didn’t mind that since both the colors look premium. Especially, the orange one is quite eye-catching and hard to miss.

The durability of any rope is its main proving point. And we are glad to announce this rope can hold its own with the top brands on this list. It features 13 whole core ropes with a tensile strength of 16 KN.

That essentially makes sure you have a very long-lasting and strong rope for all kinds of various outdoor activities. Apart from the durability, you will also appreciate the softness. It’s comfortable to use, and that’s something not many can claim. Did we mention it’s also wear-resistant? Because it is.

There are locking carabiners on both ends that lock into place and won’t show any signs of budging. Basically, once you have them in place, it isn’t going anywhere – an overall fantastic build quality.

One small gripe we have with this one is it doesn’t perform quite well whenit’s wet. The rope becomes heavy and a bit difficult to use. Other than that, this is a solid choice.

Highlighted Features

  • Superb durability and strength make sure you get the best reliability
  • Can be used for lots of different activities, which makes it quite versatile
  • Two bold and premium color finishes are available for personalization
  • Solid locking carabiners on both ends add even more functionality

6. MudFog Nylon Kernmantle Rope

What do you get when you combine good color choices, long length options, durability, and UIAA certification? Well, if you already guessed the MudFog Nylon Kernmantle Rope, then you’re absolutely right.

This is hands down one of the longest ropes in this roundup. You can choose between 150 feet or 200 feet. And on top of that, there are three different color options.

You have premium black, a fiery red, and a bright yet gentle orange color. It’s not all about the colors and length, though. In the strength and durability department, this one doesn’t go down without a fight.

With nylon being the primary material, this rope has all the strength you would need when out in the wild. It even has UIAA certification to prove it. The build of this rope is quite interesting and innovative.

The guys over at MudFog strengthen their rope with tightly woven core fibers that give it its strength. They didn’t stop there, though, oh no. Why stop when you know you can do better, right? That’s exactly what they did here.

MudFog went ahead and included a sheath that helps protect the core from fraying and abrasions when in intense use. Now that’s some next-level stuff. To summarize, this rope is built for sheer performance and flexibility.

Highlighted Features

  • A very long rope which means you will never run out of length
  • Durability and flexibility that you can trust even in the most extreme situations
  • UIAA certification which ensures this rope has been tested by the right people
  • Multiple color options that everyone will appreciate

7. PETZL Arial Alpine Dry Rope

Let’s switch gears a bit. Until now, most of the ropes were fairly wide in diameter. This one is a bit different. It’s one of the thinner ropes we have in this roundup and is perfect for those who want a slightly comfortable grip and a lightweight one.

The diameter is only 9.5mm, which makes it a very thin rope. Some people will appreciate this kind of rope since they tend to be sometimes more comfortable to hold.

Also, as we mentioned before, these are lightweight. So, carrying it around on your backpack with other gears won’t be a problem at all. There are two color choices you can choose from – bright orange and unique gold color. While the orange one is very bright and hard to miss, we quite like the gold one.

As for the strength, you don’t need to worry about anything here. The rope sheath and the core are bonded together at the ends. What does this get you? Well, this makes sure it doesn’t fray as easily as other ropes in the market. The ultrasonic bonding process makes sure your rope will last longer than ever.

It’s even very stable. Might we say it’s extra stable? Thanks to the special thermal treatment aptly named EverFlex, this rope will give you greater maneuverability by stabilizing the core strands.

Highlighted Features

  • A very durable rope that gives you all the strength you would need
  • Doesn’t fray easily and is long-lasting
  • Two great color choices give you some variety
  • Can withstand the elements even during the harshest conditions

8. CragPro Static Rope

Every time we see the word ‘pro’ in the brand or product name of something, we get instantly intrigued as to what it can do. This CragPro seems like a pretty solid rope from the surface, but what lies under its sheath? Let’s find out.

Spoiler alert! This one is a pretty solid choice no matter which way you look at it. First of all, it’s a kernmantle rope. That means it has the core rope protected by a woven sheath on the outside.

This helps make it durable and very long-lasting. For things like rappelling, you would definitely want to make sure the rope you use is a durable one. With its nylon material and kernmantle construction style, this CragPro one checks all those boxes.

Alright then, it lived up to its ‘pro’ name in the strength department. What about the rest?

Versatility and looks are also looking solid. You can use this CragPro for a host of outdoor activities, whether it be rappelling, climbing, caving, hiking, or any others. The color is a nice sky blue that looks very premium.

If you’re wondering about the maximum load capacity, it’s an impressive 4409 lbs! Quite an impressive number. One small gripe is you don’t have color options to choose from with this one.

But what it might lack in color variety, it more than makes up for it by its length options. Choose between 32 feet, 65 feet, or 98 feet of high-quality, durable rope.

Highlighted Features

  • Very durable kernmantle rope that gives you strength and longevity
  • Good design which adds some personality to your gear
  • Available in different length so you can pick just the one you want
  • High maximum load capacity and versatility ensures you can rely on the rope

9. PHRIXUS Static Climbing Rope

Another rope, and another kernmantle rope. If you’re in the market for no-nonsense rappelling ropes, this one deserves a good look.

The cool thing about this one is you have the choice to choose the diameter you want. You can either get a 10.5 mm one or an 11 mm one. Depending on what you intend to do with it and how intense the requirements are, pick the right one for you.

It doesn’t compromise on the strength of the rope. Made from high-quality DuPont nylon, it has a very high tensile strength and a strong abrasion rating as well. To further prove the point, you would be glad to know this rope is UIAA requirement certified.

Weight won’t be much of an issue either. So, when you’re carrying this rope in your backpack or wherever, you won’t feel like it weighs you down.

Just like most of the top-quality ropes in this list, this one is also very versatile and can be used for a host of different activities. Whether you’re rappelling or climbing rocks, all are fair game.

There are three colors you can choose from. They are black, red and white. Remember how we mentioned, there are two different diameter options as well? The two diameters also come in three length sizes.

Pick from either 150, 200, or 300 feet of length rope in either 10.5 mm or 11 mm size. You’re practically spoiled for choice with this one, frankly.

Highlighted Features

  • Available in different diameters, which adds choice for you
  • Different color options are great to have and can add some pizzazz
  • Made from high-quality DuPont nylon that makes it very durable
  • A lightweight and versatile rope that can be used for a variety of activities

10. Singing Rock R44 NFPA

Straightforward and made with quality. That’s how we would describe this rope from Singing Rock. It’s a static rope that is great for rappelling and has a lot of color options.

Its strength comes from the innovative Route 44 technology. It’s a patented solution developed by Singing Rock themselves. This allows the rope to be softer, more comfortable, all while not compromising the durability of the thing.

The sheath is thick, which adds an extra layer of protection and strengthens it even further. Since it’s a static rope, this is great for rappelling.

And of course, you can use it for all the different activities too. The stretch is minimal, and the sheer quality of the rope is just a cut above the rest.

Another cool thing about the rope is it’s available in a lot of different color options. Pick from either black, white, red, orange, or olive. The olive one gives it a military rappelling rope feel, to be honest.

If you thought your options stopped there, you’re in for a surprise. You can get this rope in either 10.5 mm or 11 mm. Both have different length options too. 150 feet, 200 feet, 300 feet are all available. Want an even longer rope? There is even a 600 feet option available – that’s just crazy. But we don’t complain about having options.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable constructions make it a worthy buy for you
  • Patented and innovative Route 44 technology means you get a unique rope
  • Soft and comfortable to use that doesn’t put a strain on your hands
  • Available in different color and size options that everyone will appreciate

Things to Consider Before Buying Rappelling Rope

Buying a rope from our list is one thing. But if you want to make sure you know exactly which one to get, you need to be familiar with the things to look out for when deciding on a purchase.

That way, you can make a more informed choice and be sure it will work for what you need.

1. Durability

This is sort of a no-brainer, isn’t it? When picking out a rope for outdoor activities, you most definitely want the rope to be durable. Durability will come down to a couple of factors.

The diameter of the rope and also the materials and construction of the rope. The wider the diameter, the stronger the rope is. Nylon and kernmantle style ropes are the most durable.

In some cases, thicker ropes will also be heavier. So, if you need a lighter rope and know it won’t be used for anything extreme, going with a 9.5 mm rope is fine in that case. But then again, a thicker rope, a 10.5 mm or 11 mm, is better.

2. Type of Rope

You can pick from either a static or dynamic rope. We will dive a bit deeper into the differences between the two. But for rappelling, you want less stretch. That’s where static ropes come in.

They will have less stretch compared to dynamic ropes, which means they are better suited for rappelling and caving.

If you need some stretch, then you can go for dynamic ropes.

3. Length

The length will depend on what you need. Most ropes you buy will have the length specified on them. Here you need to be sure about how you’re going to use the rope.

So, make sure to choose the right length of rope. Nothing can be worse than running out of rope when you need it. As a general rule of thumb, it’s always better to have a little extra bit of rope left than coming off short.

4. Colors 

Choose the color you want just to give your rope a more personalized feel. At the end of the day, it’s your rope. It won’t hurt if you add some of your personality to it.

5. Safety Certifications

Safety certifications are great to have. They give you peace of mind that the rope is indeed safe and has the certifications to prove it.

6. Extra Features

Extra features are just that extra on top of the bare minimum. Some ropes will have a middle point marker and other small details like these. While these don’t have an impact on the performance, these are pretty cool details.

7. Brand and Price

Fix your budget and just pick from any of the reputed brands. All the ones we mentioned here are good quality brands.

Static Rope vs Dynamic Rope

All ropes will have some level of stretch. It’s the difference in how much stretch the rope has that would classify it as a dynamic or a static rope.

A static rope will only have about 5% of stretch. At the same time, a dynamic rope can go up to 40% of the stretch. Neither of these is better than the other, per se. They’re made for different things and have their pros and cons.

When rappelling, you would want less stretch, so it’s ideal you go for a static rope. If you’re doing things like rock climbing, then more stretch is preferred in that case.

That’s all there is to it when it comes to the difference between a static and a dynamic rope. When choosing one, just ask yourself do you need to have a degree of stretch to the rope.

Once you answer this question, picking out the right type of rope is easy as pie.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can you rappel with a dynamic rope?

Answer: Despite the consensus of static ropes being better than dynamic ropes for rappelling, you can rappel with a dynamic rope. What it all comes down to is the quality of the rope. Some give and stretch can sometimes be better if you use it for activities that involve a lot of moving around.

2. Are rappelling ropes strong enough?

Answer: Absolutely! If you’re worried about the rope snapping and being dangerous, you really don’t need to. These ropes are made with the right specifications and use cases in mind. Plus, they are also certified, which should instill more confidence.

3. What is the ideal rope for rappelling?

Answer: A static rope is probably the best for rappelling. They stretch very little and give you a smooth descent. But as we mentioned, dynamic ropes are not all that bad, but static ones are preferred.

4. How long will these ropes last?

Answer: Well, we don’t know about all the ropes in the market. But we handpicked these 10 to be the best quality. A good rope will last you for years to come if you take proper care of it. We are talking between 2 to 5 years.

5. What length should my rappelling rope be?

Answer: We suggest not getting a rope that’s shorter than 200 feet. This is a good sweet spot and will allow you to enjoy different climbing activities.

Final Words

Got the best rappelling rope for you yet? We bet you have. Here’s what we want you to keep in mind. The static ropes are always better than anything else, so we suggest you get your hands on this one. Also, look for the weight capacity it can handle, which should be the top priority. As for the warranty, the more, the better.

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