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Best Spreader for Lime Reviews: Top 6 Picks of 2021

Before getting any detailed information about a spreader, I thought our bare hands are just enough for spreading fertilizers. But that’s wrong!

Can you guess, genius? If you’re planning to grow more limes in the best way possible, having the best spreader for lime is really important.

But here, I’m not talking about the traditional ones, I’m also not talking about the commercial ones, which sometimes cost a pretty penny!

Listen, a regular spreader for lime should be well-equipped with adequate amounts of hopper capacity, durable construction, and let’s not forget about considering the type of wheels. The tires should have enough capability to withstand all terrains, so of course, they need to be strong enough!

The surprising fact is, most of my picks have got almost all the advantages I’ve mentioned above. So, should we move forward to get familiar with the top 6 spreaders for lime? I think so!

Top 6 Best Spreader for Lime Reviews

Without further ado, let’s read the reviews of some of the efficient spreaders designed specifically for limes. Here are my 6 favorite choices for you!

1. Scotts 75902

If you ask me to show you a single spreader that provides excellent accuracy while spreading, I’ll show you the Scotts 75902 without even thinking twice! Thanks to its efficient “dual rotatory technology,” it also gives you a spread pattern (around 6-feet) for saving as much time as possible.

Let me show you the most interesting feature of this rotary spreader, guess what? Well, unlike the mainstream spreaders, the beast right here is highly able to take around 20,000 square feet of lawn products, which can either be fertilizer, grass seed, ice melt, or anything else!

Here, you’re getting never-flat tires that are quite friendly with almost every terrain. But the build quality isn’t that good due to the plastic material!

Additionally, you’re getting a smartphone holder along with an ergonomic handle for moving the machine with ease. Overall, in my opinion, Scotts 75902 will fill all your needs in order to get a garden with a satisfying amount of limes!


  • Offers optimal accuracy through dual rotary technology
  • Able to hold lawn products for covering up to 20,000 square foot
  • Removable tires are compatible with all terrains
  • Easy and pretty much quick to assemble
  • Features ergonomic handle along with a phone holder additionally


  • Flimsy construction because of plastic!


If you’re prepared to compromise on durability to get an efficient and more accurate spreader, Scotts 75902 might be your first and final pick!

2. Agri-Fab 45-0462

Probably it’s time to grow heaps of limes, and that’s why you need a broadcast spreader, which works pretty well in terms of spreading fertilizer, right? Hands down, the Agri-Fab 45-0462 is here to fill your requirements within no time!

It’s quick, it’s efficient, and more importantly, it comes in a durable poly hopper that equips a total of 130lbs capacity. So I hope you can cover up to 25,000 sq. ft of area with ease.

The spreader comes in a width of nearly 10-12 ft. With the help of this machine, you can spread adequate amounts of fertilizer at a go to complete your “spreading task” more quickly.

Moreover, the pneumatic tires, ergonomic handles, and compact design make it even better for every gardener. But I think it’s a little tough to assemble the whole spreader!


  • Poly hopper is durable and able to capture 130lbs lawn products
  • Covers up to 25,000 sq. ft. lime garden with ease
  • Pneumatic tires with a comfortable gripping area make it easy to move
  • Suitable for every season since it’s multi-functional


  • Requires extra time and effort to install!


I really love the huge hopper capacity the spreader offers, about 130lbs for covering more than 20,000 sq. ft. garden lime.

3. Chapin 8620B

Right now, I want to show you this efficient agricultural lime spreader from Chapin, designed with a unique “auto-stop” option in order to turn off the spreader while not motioning.

Besides that, you’re going to get 11 incremental spreader settings to control the device in your own way. By doing so, you can definitely ensure precise application.

To get more limes within a short time, applying a sufficient amount of fertilizer will be needed. Considering the matter, this super-awesome spreader gives you a total of 150lbs capacity.

Well, just like my previous pick, this one also features pneumatic tires. And the unique part? This heavy-duty trailer is compatible with tractors, ensuring quick and more effective fertilizer spreading.


  • Turns off automatically when it’s free from motion
  • Features 11 spreader settings for accurate application
  • 150lbs hopper capacity with steel-frame for durability
  • Pneumatic wheels (14”) are available for easy movement
  • Heavy-duty trailer makes it usable with tractors


  • Not the best choice for Agri lime and lime powder!
  • Sometimes, it takes a lot of time to assemble!


With the 11 incremental settings, you can control the Chapin 8620B in the way you want. Also, the auto-stop option makes it ideal for both beginner and professional gardeners.

4. Earthway2030PPLUS

If you’re a busy person and looking for a fully assembled spreader, my 4th pick from Earthway might be your ultimate pick. It ensures accurate application of each and every granular material, more importantly, 65lbs capacity makes it ideal for residential usage.

With powder-coated epoxy chassis, the spreader gives you high-floating tires (9”) that are friendly with almost all terrains. Speaking of the spreader width, it’s about 6-10 ft.

Both gears and driveshaft are of plastic construction, which is why they aren’t that durable compared to my other choices. But overall, it’s pretty good, and I personally liked it.


  • 65lbs capacity makes it ideal for residential use
  • High-floating tires (9-inch) suit all terrains
  • Fully assembled and pretty easy to operate
  • Three hole shut-off system for optimal functionality


  • Driveshaft and gears aren’t that sturdy!


Since the Earthway2030PPLUS is fully assembled, you won’t have to worry about installing it. And guess what? Its high-floating pneumatic tires are compatible with almost any type of terrain, thankfully!

5. Agri-Fab 45-0288 

I can guarantee that this drop spreader from Agri-Fab is going to be more than enough for you, especially if capacity is what you’re concerned about. You can roughly cover up to 1 acre (40,000 sq. ft) of space, so it doesn’t matter even if your lime garden is extra-large!

Talking about the poly hopper capacity, this one can easily hold up to 17 gallons of dry fertilizer. And surprisingly, the spreader width is about 42” for spreading fertilizer in the best possible way.

The top-notch galvanized steel is what you need for durability, and that’s why the maker has added this particular material to make the device efficient, and at the same time, long-lasting!

Lastly, the pneumatic tires will play a vital role in ensuring smooth transportation.


  • Offers huge capacity (40,000 sq. ft.) for both residential and commercial use
  • 42” spreader lets you spread the fertilizer more smoothly and precisely
  • Galvanized steel offers ultimate longevity
  • Smooth transportation due to its pneumatic tires


  • Assembly will be time-consuming!
  • Might get clogged at times!


Agri-Fab 45-0288 has got a lot of capacity (40,000 sq. ft.) to hold around 17 gallons of fertilizer with ease. Plus, the hopper is much sturdier due to the galvanized steel material.

6. Precision Products TBS6000RDOS

From now on, you can keep on fertilizing your own garden of lime even if there is rain outside! Yep, you heard it right! The champ from Precision Products comes in a specific rain cover, enabling you to continue your task in every weather condition.

And I believe the 130lbs capacity is enough for every gardener, and this is what it has got. Here, you’ll also find a universal hitch so that you can connect the machine with any tractor for better fertilization.

When it comes to durability, the spreader has got a steel frame (powder-coated) instead of flimsy plastic, giving you excellent stability so you can use it for up to years without any problems.

What’s more? Each and every hardware and axle is rust-proof, and the gears are well-equipped with sturdy metal for maximum durability. So, I’m pretty sure you’ll get your desired result by using this broadcast spreader for your lovely garden


  • 130lbs hopper capacity seems enough for every gardener
  • Sturdy metal gears, hardware, and the axle is rust-proof
  • Delivers an extra rain cover for protection against rain
  • Universal hitch for easy attachment with tractors


  • Way too pricey!


If you’re able to spend some extras to get a durable, efficient, and versatile spreader, feel free to purchase the Precision Products TBS6000RDOS to fertilize your land of limes in an easy way.

Here, you can have a look at my chart below to check out my picks on spreaders at a glance!

Product NameHopper CapacityAble to CoverageItem Weight
Scotts 75902  104lbs20,000 sq. ft.19.75 Pounds
Agri-Fab 45-0462  130lbs25,000 sq. ft.35.0 Pounds
Chapin 8620B  150lbs28,846 sq. ft.40.7 Pounds
Earthway2030PPLUS  65lbs12,500 sq. ft.14.6 Pounds
Agri-Fab 45-0288  17 Gallons40,000 sq. ft.43.0 Pounds
Precision Products TBS6000RDOS  130lbs25,000 sq. ft.41.0 Pounds

What to Consider When You Buy Spreader for Lime?

Picking up any random spreader won’t be a smart move, especially if you’re searching for the best spreader for lime. Considering the type, durability, capacity, and something more are crucial for getting the right one.

So make sure you note down all the nooks and crannies that I’ve compiled here. Go down below and check out this comprehensive buyer’s guide right away.

Types of Spreaders

First and most important thing to consider is to be fixed in a specific type of spreader. The current market has got a number of choices with different pros and cons. So you better do some research and then pick up the one that suits you best.

Capacity and Coverage

When you prepare yourself to fertilize a large-sized garden, it’s a must to get a spreader that equips more capacity.

Keep in mind, a spreader with a small capacity can be just fine for small gardens. So it’s clear that it won’t be effective for your large gardens.

Make sure the hopper capacity is more than 65lbs, especially if you need to cover more than 10,000 square feet of area in one go.


Before you get any spreader from the shop, make sure you know about the material deeply. Sometimes, most people get the wrong product even after spending a small fortune, do you know why? Probably they don’t know which material ensures ultimate durability.

So, I think you should always focus on the quality of the material before getting any fertilizer spreader. Whether it’s made of plastic or steel, ensure that it’s sturdy enough and will last for long


While moving a spreader to spread fertilizer to your own lime garden, the wheels are the things that play a significant role. Whether it’s a tow-behind lime spreader for a tractor or something like a push spreader, make sure it has durable wheels.

This should be able to withstand all weather conditions and can keep up with uneven terrains.

You’ll basically find two different types of wheels, including pneumatic and plastic wheels. The one made of plastic is comparatively cheaper, needs less maintenance, but not friendly with uneven ground.

Pneumatic wheels, on the other hand, are more durable and capable of dealing with rough terrains. But it needs frequent maintenance.

Compatible with Lime Garden

Last but definitely not least, the spreader you’re going to get should be friendly with the lime garden. Here, I’ve got a few versatile spreaders that are great for fertilizing lime gardens and for some other plants as well.

Along with that, if you’re expected to keep your lawn well-trimmed and good-looking, feel free to spend some extra dollars on an efficient piece of a lawnmower, it’s up to you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How many types of spreaders are available?

Answer: Although the current market gets so many types of spreaders out there, the most common types are as follows:

  • Push Spreader

This type of spreader equips extra wheels for easy and fast movement, recommended for both large and average-sized lawns. And yes, it’s always my personal favorite!

  • Handheld Spreader

Comparatively light, affordable, and simplest type of fertilizer spreader that you can operate even with your single hand only! But it’s ideal just for small gardens.

  • Tow-Behind Spreader

Almost similar to the push spreader, it requires connecting this spreader with a specific tractor, so you can fertilize your garden more precisely and quickly. It’s a bit steep, and most of the tow-behind spreaders have huge hopper capacity.

2. Which type of fertilizers is best for lime growth?

Answer: In my opinion, dry fertilizers should be your go-to for ensuring more growth of limes, and they’ll suit dry lawns best.

3. Are spreaders expensive?

Answer: It depends on which type and which model you want to get. The good thing about a fertilizer spreader is, it has so many models around the current market, and that too with different price tags! As a result, it’s possible to choose a single model depending on your budget.

4. What should be the least hopper capacity of a spreader?

Answer: Determining the capacity depends on the size of your lime garden. If it’s small, a spreader with 30-40lbs capacity will be just fine.

But if the land appears to be bigger, make sure to go with more than 65lbs of hopper capacity.

Final Verdict

According to my testing, Scotts 75902 deserves the gold medal! Thanks to its never-flat tires, ergonomic handle, and the unique “dual rotary technology.”

The Agri-Fab 45-0462 is the clear runner-up on the list of the best lime spreader due to its solid construction along with a rust-proof hopper. But yes, it’s not the best choice if you’re looking for an easy-to-assemble spreader.

But if capacity is what you’re concerned about, the Agri-Fab 45-0288 is exactly what you should buy. With its 17 gallons of large capacity, you can roughly cover up to 40,000 sq. ft. lime garden with ease.

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